Smart Vault Integration



i read your whitepaper and browsed your documentation.
Your approach to introduce a security layer for IPFS is very interesting.
What i do not understand at the moment, is how this interacts with your lightchain (based on your architecture overview you provided (
I also tried to checkout your github repo, but i was not able to locate the IPFS / smart vault code at all, can you explain to me how the communication / interaction takes place or hint me to further reading?
(i’m very new to golang and blockchain software, so bear with me if that is a rather stupid questionn)

Thanks and best regards!



First, thanks for your interest in our project and sorry if you got confused along all different documents and documentation we have online.

As you have seen from our tech stack diagram our technology is based on two pillars:

  • Lightchain: Our PoA fully-ethereum compatible blockchain which code was opensource
  • Smart Vault: Which is composed of two parts.
    • The first one is our customized IPFS protocol implementation, which includes our permissioning layer to protect the content uploaded into IPFS.
    • The second is Leth, which put together the functionalities of IPFS and Lightchain(or any Ethereum compatible blockchain). Leth also implements many additional features and abstractions to allow users to share content in a very easy way, and wraps it all into a simple SDK command line tool or alternatively on a [HTTP API]

Unfortunately, IPFS and Leth are still not opensource but we are planning to do it once we consider the project on a shape we could get the community involved to collaborate with us in the project. For now you only can find the binary versions included during the instalation guide.

We are running version Leth API for everyone to try out the usages of Leth without requiring any local installations. You can check out our api docs. If you need tokens in order to test functionalities you just need to send a post here.

It might not be easy to understand all these concepts at once. If you still have questions we created an open Telegram channel LightstreamsDevelopers where we provide direct support for developers using our technology.