Security Auditing


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kei Oda and I am part of the business development team at Quantstamp, Inc. Quantstamp is a Y-Combinator backed company dealing with blockchain and smart contract security. We have conducted over 40 white glove audits since the beginning of 2018, securing over $500mm in the process. Our website can be found here :

Our auditing service is best in class, with the service also comprising a security certificate upon completion of the auditing process. The report is hosted on our website, while a hash of the report is also written to the ethereum blockchain to ensure the validity of the report. An example of the report can be found here :

We are also developing monitoring tools for your smart contracts post-deployment, to track continuously the performance and status of your contract.

If you have any security auditing requirements for your tokens, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Yours faithfully,



Hello Kei,

Thank you for the outreach!

We have already completed the necessary work on our initial smart contract.

Although we could talk further about your services. I’ll raise it with the team and send you a pm