Marketing proposal


This message is from the Bitmoderate team, a group of individuals who are experienced in the Cryptocurrency industry as well as social media marketing, we are contacting you to inform you about our services.

We offer various services to ICOs and below is a quick run down on each service and pricing.


  • 5 community managers

  • 24/7 management of all social media channels

  • Daily 2-3 post on all social media channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook)

*Quick responses to questions from the community

  • Fight against scammers and keeping a healthy community.

Fee: A weekly payment of $200 for each community manager


  • Development of telegram bots for your community

  • Setting of auto spam fighting bot for your community (eg. Group Butler)

Fee: One time fee of $200


  • Running of a bounty campaign for your ICO

  • Running a telegram community for your bounty campaign

Fee: One time fee of $1000


*Whitepaper translation

*Graphics Designing

*Web Development

  • Composing Of Posts

Fees: The above service are rendered by trusted personnel and negotiation of fees will be made with them. Their contacts details will be communicated to you if you are interested in their services.

A compulsory fee of 0.5 btc is paid to acquire any of the above services.

Our website (, is under temporary construction and will be live soon.

The bitmoderate team will be so glad to work with your team to achieve your prospective goals and also be a key-team-of-influence in the industry.

We would love to have a chance to speak with you in further detail about our solutions.

Kindly let us know a good time we can reach out to you when you are available for a chat.


The Bitmoderate team.


Hello Joseph,

Thank you for the outreach!

We’re putting marketing on hold during December but can revisit your post in January (when we finalize our token sale and TGE roadmap/dates)


Okay we will be expecting a feedback by January hopefully


Hi, I can finally update!

We’ve started to lock down dates for our token sale and the way we’re headed it looks like we won’t be needing you guys.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you better news!





I am Lark Davis, I own The Crypto Lark YouTube channel. We cover crypto news and analysis, price movements, ICO reviews, technologies, companies and people in the Blockchain World with over 85,000 genuine subscribers on YouTube.

By using social media strategies and implementing procedures based on the results of extensive analysis and study of social media trends.

I would like to promote your ICO project by showing a short video review of your project on my Channel. I and my Team are confident in delivering effective results that would take this project to the next Level.

Through my YouTube channel with 85k subscribers I will give your ICO exclusive media hype to Thousands of loyal subscribers who are either crypto-enthusiasts,active/potential investors or Youtube Advertisers ready to invest their time or money into anything i confidently inform them.

Here are the analytics

Total number Subscribers:85K

Demographic analysis:

50%Asia , 35% Europe, America 10% , Africa 5%.

I charge $1000 for a standard project review. This also include listing your project on, making it a top and trending project with good rating.

I also guarantee you of two big investors after the video review.

I Accept payment either in ETH or BTC

Lark Davis

Wellington New Zealand🇳🇿

LongLive the Blockchain.


Hello CryptoLark,

Thank you for this post!

I’ll follow up as soon as possible


Okay John, can you drop your official email so I can send you a proposal


Hello, sorry for the delay, I was sick ALL weekend :frowning:

Feel free to email john with the domain being



I am a project manager at Neironix.

Here are some main suggestions for promoting and drawing attention commynity to your project:

  1. main banner / head banner - this banner is seen by each user regardless of the purpose of the visit + mobile version. cost of $1000

  2. The banner on the pages of coins - The most visited page on SEO. $800

  3. premium listing of ICO / STO - placement in the top on the page of ICO / STO projects, on the main page + on the page of other projects. - $500

  4. Publish press release.

Your article on the website - $100

Publication on the website + social network = $150

We are writing a review article + publication in the media + newsletter = $450

Development of a separate section in conjunction with your brand, where useful and interesting articles will be published (the cost is discussed)

More offers here -

Contact me if you need more information - @ikromzhon86 or email