Lightstreams Dapp Challenge



The DApp challenge is a developer coding challenge organized by Lightstreams aimed at programmers/coders/software engineers/hackers who want to learn new technologies and build something for fun (and maybe profit). The goal is to create a decentralized application, also known as DApp, using Lightstreams technologies. Because Lightstreams was created to easily share content in a distributed way without any central authority, any application that stores and exchanges content can use our technology stack.

How do I participate?

Once you have a concrete idea about your project, share your proposal in this thread to be reviewed and approved by Lightstreams team.



Hi, I’m working on a project called Regavi ( Regavi is a social (d)app for personal trustless information management. I think that LS could be a good platform to build it on.


Hey Radek!

As discussed on Telegram, let us know if you need any support or if you are having any issues building your application.