Lightstreams blockchain's smart-contract state



I’m pretty new to the blockchain technology. Was looking for a best ways to achieve privacy and confidentiality until finally found your promising project.

But I’ve got some questions about how it exactly works. Especially interested in smart contract’s state. According to medium article you store it off-chain in decentralised storage system (IPFS). In Ethereum contract you just declare variable like uint256 variable; (goes to contract’s state, right?) that then can be easily accessed in contract functions.

How does lifestreams handle that if it stores state off-chain?
What I want is to build some logic over private data that noone has access to, so smart-contract is able to work with it somehow.

I also would be glad to see some example projects.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. looking forward to lifestreams mainnet launch :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Have you already had a chance to look at our whitepaper? There are more specifics in there, please visit

The first example project is a command-line tool called leth which provides an easy way to interact with the lightstreams network. You can find more information in

A much larger showcase all of the backend infrastructure of Lightstreams will be Fanbase, it will go live after our main-net is launched (after the TGE)


Also, see the original white paper “Permissioned Blocks” (that is referenced in the LS white paper) discusses our thoughts around how to marshal variables between variable stored on IPFS white group access permissions.