Let`s make Lightstreams markets mature!


Hey guys!

First, congrats on your successful ICO - I know that`s not that easy at the bottom of the bear market.

We are a startup - called Autowhale - based in Austria, Europe that offers a variety of exchange/market-related services.

Since we have just launched at the beginning of this year, we are currently not just looking for clients but also for companies that we see as great long-term partners that can also give us feedback on our products and therefore help improve them!

So what exactly are we offering?

  1. We offer to help with our network getting (fast-tracked) listed on exchanges, arrange marketing campaigns with various articles, bounty programs, etc. and we recently started working with a smart contract auditor (in case you are looking for one for your token).

  2. We do offer trading solutions such as Market Making. We have developed that software in-house over the last 1.5 years and would love to discuss in detail how we can work together on that front!

  3. We also are open for discussion about advisorships/consulting.

We have some other stuff in development, such as a chain analysis solution that helps monitor your token and react to certain movements on the blockchain.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thomas (CEO @Autowhale)

Find more about us at https://www.autowhale.net
Contact: bd@autowhale.net