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Hello Lightstreams Team!
Probit Exchange invites you to partner with us through an IEO and listing on the exchange. We have completed over 70 rounds of IEO, and are pretty legendary on our side of the orient for being a 7-month old startup to have raised multiple rounds of sell-out IEOs. We also do not wash volumes or exaggerate figures raised. Please visit our IEO page to see how our user interface is simple for users to invest in your project

Why do so many projects trust Probit Exchange for an IEO? Because, we are a one stop exchange for:

  1. Fund-raising – Please see our fund raising track record in Page 2 of the deck attached

  2. Listing – Instant liquidity against fiat and crypto pairings. Korean Won and USDT. Mild MM included

  3. Marketing – We have an army of marketers, marketing agencies, social media marketers and news agency on retainer. See this typical marketing campaign of an IEO:

Relevant links:

Best if I can talk through these in a call: (Time zone may be updated.) You may also catch me on Telegram: @esme_sheree .


Viktoriia Ni

Partnerships at ProBit Exchange


Telegram : viktoriiani

Probit Exchange Latest News:

  1. Trade Mining beta now available. 105% transactions fee rebates in PROB
  2. Buyback of the lifetime – Probit announces 80% of trading fee revenue buyback
  3. Probit Exchange featured as 2nd IEO spot behind Binance (TransformGroup)
  4. Probit slashes listing prices for ERC-20 tokens
  5. IEO prices & packages updated
  6. Stake mining in Probit – Stake and get airdrop of 12% yearly
  7. Probit first premium IEO launchpad sells out and moons by 3X in 48 hours