Find out who uploaded a file?


Hey LightstreamsDevs,

I am part of the student group and we use the lightstreams testnet in our project. We would like to know if it is possible to find out who the uploader of a specific hash was. We are struggling right know with the issue, the downloading account doesn’t know from which account a file was uploaded. We have to ensure that a specific hash is bound to a specific (owner) account. For example: An owner grants admin permission to a user and this user grants read permission to a third user. After the second user passes the third one the file hash, how can the third one verify it’s the original file from the owner?

Thanks in advance


Hey dapper!

Sorry for late reply, we were working on a feature to support your need! And here it is!

A new command leth storage meta was introduced that you can call and it will tell you everything you need to know about the secured private file.

The output will be:


Upgrade please to the latest Leth version: 0.7.0-alpha Meta && PoA Test Ntw

Here is the full documentation: