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Dear Light Streams team,

in the past couple of weeks, we have received several requests from members of our community asking about the possibility of listing Light Streams on our co-creation/ICO services platform As your project aroused our interest, we followed up on the request and assembled an initial analysis of Light Streams.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Light Streams passed our pre-listing requirements (soc. media coverage, WP and team review, idea validation/market fit). We have also found several weak points that you might want to address and we might be able to fix.

Besides the listing on our platform, we also offer a wide range of ICO services (Reddit promotion, Telegram airdops, bounties, press releases, community management, influencer marketing, Youtubers and much more) that you might want to check out and we can assure you that our prices are very reasonable (service list available upon request).

Please, let us know if you’re interested - also happy to jump on a call whenever convenient. Thank you in advance

Best regards

Crowdholding team