Content creation and conversion for Light Steams :)


Hi, I am Brian from CryptoGrinders, a media company that creates highly engaging media content for a global audience. I came across your project and it looks really promising.

We have produced tailor-made media resources to assist our previous clients in accelerating their conversion rates, and I felt that you might be interested in collaborating with us to do the same.

CryptoGrinders is experienced with working with businesses of all sizes, from budding projects like DFlow, to well-established companies like Huobi. You can view our previous works here:


From the feedback we have received, I know that our tailor-made media solution will assist your company in its business development.

I would love to get on a Skype call with you to explore how CryptoGrinders can assist your business (my Skype ID is brianli_19) Looking forward to your call.

Thanks in advance,
Brian Li


Also my email is if you would like to contact via email.