Community manager


Good day,I will love to be of help on your telegram community as a moderator

As a moderator these are my duties:

Manage questions and answers by community members.

  • Answering questions related to the client’s services

  • Keeping up with the Content Calendar

  • Review and respond to user-generated content

  • Respond to comments in order to foster a positive community.

    This will help in keeping the group stable.

I have moderated hedera hashgraph, hotcoins, Crystal tokens, gabrotech,bonafi,lottercoin,loligo.

Here is my LinkedIn profile :

I’m well experienced in moderation.
I can also help in responding to spam messages, I can introduce spambot to the group if you will like.
You have got a nice project,I will love to be part of the project

Will be expecting a feedback from you, thanks


Hi Joseph, we’re currently putting on hold community management (as we’re moving to Discord) and we’ll revisit our marketing/community topics once we’re into the new year.

Thank you for the outreach!


Okay will be expecting a feedback by January


Hi John,

We are an Asian crypto community management firm which specializes in managing Chinese, Japanese and Korean community. We have managed over 30 Asian communities for over 10 ICO projects, such as Cardstack, Bancor, Revain, Remoneta, Play2live, XYO.

We helped one of our clients - Cardstack (Bitcoin Suisse Project) complete the crowdfunding stage in Asia (China, Japan, and Korea); we have been maintaining a long-term relationship since then.

Another client - Bancor (It’s also a Bitcoin Suisse Project) is not familiar with China’s market; we helped them grow the WeChat group members from 45 to almost 400 in a month. We helped them increase the activities of the Chinese community a lot. They are happy with our service.

I’m aware that there are no Asian communities for Lightstreams. If you’re going to list on the Asian exchanges, like Huobi, Okex, Upbit, Bithumb, I think localized language supported communities are essential.

We have experience in increasing the activities and grow the community for international projects in the Asian market. I want to join your team as the Asian moderator. What we will bring for the Asian communities:

  1. The Asian communities will grow fast.
  2. We’ll design different conversations based on community attributes, such as competitors, exchanges listing, trading, technologies, to keep the community active.
  3. There will be more localized content shared in Asian communities.

Here is the link to our introduction: