Advertise with Birdchain



My name is Artur and I am Head of Partnerships at

We have a mobile app that rewards users for engaging with the content (incentivised advertising), which is either simple advertising or in the form of educational content. We think we could offer you a great opportunity to advertise on our platform, as we have more than 3k weekly active users interested in crypto.

All we require from you is to use our native BIRD tokens (either bought from an exchange or directly from us) which are used to pay users for watching ads. No hidden fees or extra charges. All in all it costs about 2-3 cents per ad view and we guarantee 70%+ click rate. You will be able to see detailed statistics via our dashboard on here is the link for the app.

Please let me know if this is something you are potentially interested in. I can answer all your questions and provide more details if you are interested.



Thank you for the proposal.

I really like your platform, birdchain sounds quite cool and clever!

Unfortunately we’ve already planned our marketing spend for Q1 up until the conclusion of our token sale.

I’ll do a re-check and follow up by pm if we can make something happen.